Flyer Konzert Life Scars

Life Scars (Punk, Biała Podlaska, PL) + Luchsx (Postpunk/Grunge, Berlin)

Life Scars (Punk):
LIFE SCARS started at the beginning of 2008. From the very beginning it has been a project inspired by sentiment for old punk bands, in which the willingness to play punk, to convey certain thoughts and spend time with friends were more important than real skills. With the passing of time crust riffs appeared in our simple punk music.
Luchsx (Postpunk/Grunge, Berlin)
New Power Duo from Berlin without any online traces: music exclusively in concert.
Einlass: 19h
Start: 20h
Eintritt frei
Kommt am besten getestet oder bringt einen eigenen Test mit. Für den Notfall haben wir auch Tests vor Ort.


Sep 05 2022


19:00 - 19:00